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Feature Mr Jess X Covenant Confirmer, Stoli

Bob & Darian Burt are excited to stand Jesscuzican (Feature Mr Jess X Covenant Confirmer, Stoli) to the public in 2020!
The 2009 stallion is an AQHA racing champion with an LTE of more than $250K. His first foal crop is already winning on the racetrack, and his barrel futurity babies will debut in 2021.

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At Dash Ta Fame Horses, we're excited to offer eggs from some of the best mare lines in the barrel racing and flat-track industries. Our egg program now features more than 20 elite mares to choose from. Clients select the mare of choice and complete the corresponding request form. On the form, clients indicate which stallion they would like the mare bred to. We coordinate with our reproduction clinic (South Valley Equine), the client, and stallion owner with timing and semen shipment. The embryo is flushed and inserted in a recipient mare (provided by the client or reproduction center), which then is transported or picked up by the client. Please visit the mare egg program page to view additional information, the contract and fees.

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2018 Copper Spring Ranch Sale Results

DTF Time Traveler sells for a record-breaking $170,000 at the 2018 Copper Spring Sale.


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An all-time leading sire, producer of more than $44 million dollars, and the #1 barrel horse stallion on two continents for over two decades. And now, the legacy continues. At Misty Mountain Ranch, Bob and Darian Burt are committed to breeding quality running horses that will outperform the competition in a tough industry.

Nestled in the beautiful mountain valley of Payson, Utah, Misty Mountain Ranch is known for producing proven speed horses. Bob, who has been in the horse industry since 1980, takes pride in breeding high quality, nice temperament horses with strong athletic ability and willing hearts for both flat track and barrel racing. In addition to Dash ta Fame, Bob has bred other winning horses that have left their mark on the industry. 

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