2013 DTF now enrolled in the FABULOUS BRN4D incentive fund!!

This page created February 20th 2013

You can find all of the details in the rules, but I would love to explain it as well.

The annual Stallion enrollment is $500, and schedule to probably increase as of next year, due to the rapidly increased volume of stallions. I have 4 more stallions who want to join this month alone! =)
Progeny enrollment is based on age:
2013 foals $150
2012 foals $300
2011 foals $500
2010 foals $750
2009 & older foals $1000
Stallion enrollment & Progeny enrollment feed the Incentive Fund, creating a pool of money to be raced for by only the enrolled progeny. Progeny sired by our IF Stallion’s are eligible to enroll & race for this pool of money. So the more stallions and the more enrolled progeny in the program the more money there is in to pool to compete for! =)
Reporting progeny’s: Open, Futurity & Derby earnings monthly, these earnings are computed into points at the end of the year. The enrolled progeny get paid at the end of the year for each point they earn!
(Novice, Youth and Senior earnings are not eligible)
These points compete with the other enrolled progeny points, thus creating an elite group of competitors!
To simplify it: the BRN4D Will pay you for the money you’ve already earned over the year!
Stallion: 20%
Enroller: 20%
Owner: 60%
With you being the: Stallion Owner: 20%, Enroller: 20% and the Owner: 60%, YOU will receive 100% of the pay outs!!!!! Should you ever sale any of your enrolled progeny, the new owner simply submits a transfer form to BNR4D. At that time you will forever continue to receive the Enroller portion: 20% and the Stallion Portion: 20%, of the pay outs from that progeny for the LIFE of the progeny!!!!
This is a ONE TIME investment per progeny, for a LIFETIME of RETURNS!!!
This is a winning situation for everyone involved! There is no tricks or small print… this is seriously the best program in the industry, because the only way you can lose if if you don’t play! =)
I have attached several documents, to include:
Progeny Enrollment
Points Reporting
BRN4D Rules
Please take a second to look over the Incentive Fund portion of www.BRN4D.com.
Please let me know if you have any questions or need any clarification! =)
Email, call, text me anytime!
Malia Childs
Barrel Racers National 4D
503.332.7691 (cell)BRN4D_Malia@aol.com

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